Jupiter,s Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Jupiter,s Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology
Jupiter,s Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology

Jupiter,s Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Jupiter,s Planetary circle (Mahadasha) comes for 16 years in the life of the native.

The condition of the Guru remains the best in life. In the Jupiter Dasha period, knowledge gains, money-weapons-vehicle benefits, success in examinations, benefits in-state work, engagement in devotion, enjoyment, respect in society, rewards from the state, contact with officials, religious sacrifices, etc. are the fruits.

If Jupiter is low, dead, retrograde, then disease, failure, etc. results.


If Jupiter is a strong, auspicious, and yogic factor, then inclination towards study, knowledge increases. If the condition of Jupiter falls in the middle age, then wealth, son’s attainment, pilgrimage, auspicious celebrations take place. If Jupiter,s condition comes to the end of the age, there is better income and finance.

If Jupiter is unfavorable or suffering, incomplete education, failure, loss of prestige leads to misery, poor health, impoverishment, bad deeds, disappointment, pain to the son or grandson.

If the auspicious Jupiter is in the higher, self-possessed, mooltrikon, karma or son or dharma bhava or self-respect or higher navamsa, then in his period, the kingdom is acquired, utmost convenience, recognition from the rule, receiving clothes and vehicles, devotion to the god-Brahmin, wife. And the child is happy in performing happy, religious sacrifices (yajna, offering).

If Jupiter is with low, dead, unlucky planets, then in his condition there is the destruction of living complex, stress, the suffering of children, animal loss, pilgrimage loss.

Participation in religious matters in the Mahadasha of Jupiter, joy in childbirth or child, honor by the king, appreciation by an eminent person, attainment of vehicle, the fulfillment of wishes, affectionate intimate relationship with wife and children, meeting with friends, etc. come in fruitful experience.

1.If Jupiter is in Aries, then in his condition the officer i.e. the position of authority, lore, woman, son, wealth, honor, etc.

2.If Jupiter is in Taurus, then disease, residence abroad, money loss

3.If Jupiter is in Gemini, then there is tribulation, opposition, loss of money

4.If Jupiter is in Cancer, then he will benefit from the state, gain fame, friendship, high position, retirement

5.If Jupiter is in the zodiac sign, then respect from the king, profit of women-son-brothers, happiness, money, and grain is complete

6.If Jupiter is in Virgo, then there are benefits from the shelter of the woman, contribution to governance, excursion or visitation, dispute, discord, etc. results.

7.If Jupiter is a guru in Libra, then boils, erudition, inferiority, insult, enmity

8.If Jupiter is in Scorpio, then the son’s benefits, sickness, wealth, full debt will be paid

9.If Jupiter is in Sagittarius, then Minister, Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha, Vidhan Sabha, Rajya Sabha) is a high-ranking member

10.If Jupiter is in Capricorn, then financial troubles, diseases in deep places

11.If Jupiter is in Aquarius, then respect from the state, benefit, simple wealth, and simple financial happiness.

12.If Jupiter is in Pisces, then education, wealth, prosperity with women and sons, etc. will result in happiness.

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