Mars Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Mars Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology
Mars Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology

Mars Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Mars Planetary circle (Mahadasha) comes for 7 years in the life of the native.

The condition of Mars creates wealth, but it makes the sum of wealth only through cruel actions rather than good luck. In this case, the land-related matters, arms-thief fear, weapons-enemy and quarrel dispute are beneficial.

If Mars is high or self-conscious or fundamental or centered or triangular, then in its condition, there are many sources of income, fame, happiness of women and sons, courage, wealth gain, gain of home land, benefits from agriculture, mental peace, income. .

If Mars is retrograde, dead, low, then bile infestation, blood disease, paralysis, unconsciousness continue to occur. There is discord with wife, estrangement from brothers, fierce differences with officials, new concerns.

If Mars is strong and in favorable condition, gain from brothers or by brothers, entry or promotion in army, land benefit, good health, optimistic, courageous, determined, mercury serving in military or police.

If Mars is weak and afflicted, then falling, wounds, bloodshed, punished, quarrelsome, sarcastic, hostile, hating, litigants.

If Mars is strong in a high, mooltrikon, self-centered, center or wealth or gain house or with the auspicious ninth or auspicious planet, then the attainment of state (high administrative post or strong political position in government, wealth and agricultural land Earnings, recognized by the government) are money, garments, vehicles from abroad. There are happiness and sweet relation with brothers. If the strong Mars is in the center or third house, then the heroic wealth, enemy defeat, wife, and children are happy. However, some adverse effects are expected at the end of the condition.

If Mars is low, powerless, or inauspicious or inauspicious or inauspicious, then a loss of money, crisis, and above effects are adverse.

Money coming from fire and quarrel etc., money gain from false administration, fraud and cruel act, always suffering from bile disorders, heat, blood impurity, conspiracy with lower class women, quarrel with his wife, children, relatives and elders and Due to this, the effects of sorrow, enjoyment of fortune of others come in the condition of Mars in the experience.

If Mars is in Aries, then in its condition gain wealth, fame, fire pain, home-land

If Mars is in Taurus, disease, money gains from others, benefactor

If Mars is in Gemini, then foreigner, crooked, expensive, bile and air disorders, ear diseases

If Mars is in Cancer, wealthier, stay away from woman and son, affliction

If Mars is in Leo, then profit from government, money from the state, arsenal pain, money expenditure

If Mars is in Virgo, then the son is full of land and wealth.

If Mars is in Libra, then the woman is inferior, the festival is inferior, more trouble, tribulation

If Mars is in Scorpio, then full of wealth, suffering from fire and weapons

If Mars is in Sagittarius, then victory benefits, wealth comes, happiness peace

If Mars is in Capricorn, then get the right, gold-jewel benefits, achievement

If Mars is in Aquarius, then it is inferior, poor, disease, worries

If Mars is in Pisces, then debt, detritus, anxiety, loss, itching etc. are diseases.

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