Rahu Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Rahu Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.
Rahu Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Rahu Planetary circle (Mahadasha) in Astrology.

Rahu Planetary circle (Mahadasha) comes for 18 years in the life of the native.

Rahu’s condition is generally considered troublesome. Sixth, the eighth year is considered particularly illusory; if high Rahu is there, then you get the benefit of wealth and property, victory, high status, etc. Rahu-Ketu, being a shadow planet, gives fruits according to sentiment and according to the combination of other planets. If Rahu-Ketu is in the center or triangle, or if the center is in the position of the owners of the triangle, then by being yogic, they give their auspicious results in their condition, inner state.

If Rahu is favorable, money gains are more than earned by cunning, dishonesty, increase in the political aspects with the help of ruling powers or lies.

If Rahu is adverse, then there are many types of losses, snakebites, brain disintegration, confusion, blindness, asthma, and eczema, etc. This is the worst condition for education and progress, in which there is interference or education is fragmented.

Rahu’s high zodiac sign is Taurus and Ketu’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, Rahu-Ketu’s zodiac sign is Gemini and Sagittarius, Rahu-Ketu’s swarashi Aquarius and Scorpio (Virgo and Pisces according to some Maharishi). If Rahu is high, Mooltrikona or Swagrihi (Aquarius or Virgo), then great happiness from earning and agricultural produce, receipt of a vehicle with the help of friends and government, construction of the new building (house), son birth, religious inclination, from foreign government Recognition, money-making, clothes, etc. are there. If Rahu is in sight, yuti, or auspicious sign, karma or benefic or spontaneous gesture from the auspicious planet, then in his condition all kind of comfort is obtained through the benevolence of the government, through foreign government or sovereign and the harmony of the home.


If Rahu is in the expenditure house, then there is disaster and trouble in Rahu state. If Rahu is on the inauspicious planet or malefic planet or low zodiac sign, then in Rahu’s condition there are loss of reputation, destruction of residential house, mental anguish, suffering for wife and children, unfortunately, bad food, etc. results. At the beginning of Rahu’s condition, there is the loss of money, some economic benefit, and relief in the country and there are problems and worries at the end of the condition.

In the inauspicious condition of Rahu, thieves, fire, weapons, poison threat, mental stress from children, loss of brothers, humiliation from lowly people, disrespect, loss, and failure in all industries, demotion.

If Rahu is on an auspicious planet or is in an auspicious place (Bhava), then like a king, there is a splendid, successful entrepreneur, happy life, world-famous. If Rahu is in Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio then in his period, he gives happiness, prestige, ownership of land, vehicle, servants, but it all gets destroyed when the condition ends. Danger from enemy, theft, the rage of the king, fear of weapon shock, diseases of heat, family stigma, fire fear, deportation from the original place due to serious crimes is also fruits.

According to astrology, during the Rahu period, being wicked in nature, suffering from serious diseases, destroying the wife and offspring of the native, fear or danger of poison, trouble or trouble from the enemy, eye and heart disease, friend, agricultural worker, king. Come to experience

1.If Rahu is in Aries zodiac sign, then in its state benefits, simple success, domestic quarrels, opposition from brothers

2.If Rahu is in Taurus, then gain from the state, suffering, gain authority, tolerance, success

3.Rahu is in Gemini. So the pain, in the beginning, the happiness in the middle

4.If Rahu is in the Cancer zodiac, then benefit, son benefit, start work, accumulate wealth

5.If Rahu is in Leo, then success in love, jealousy, disease, honor, works

6.If Rahu is in Virgo, then benefit from middle-class people, profit from the business, love from low work, satisfaction.

7.If Rahu is in Libra, then trouble, sudden distress, an affliction from brothers, money gains, increase in fame and prestige.

8.If Rahu is in Scorpio, then indulge in low work, loss from enemies, financial distress

9.If Rahu is in Sagittarius, gain fame, prestige in-stream meetings, attain high status

10.If Rahu is in Capricorn, then head disease, gout disease, financial crisis

11.If Rahu is in Aquarius, then money gains, simple gains in business, victory, and

12.Rahu in Pisces, then opposition, quarrel, disease, short benefits, etc. are fruits.

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