Sun(Surya) Planetary circle(Mahadasha) in Astrology

Sun(Surya) Planetary circle(Mahadasha) in Astrology
Sun(Surya) Planetary circle(Mahadasha) in Astrology

Sun(Surya) Planetary circle(Mahadasha) in Astrology

Sun(Surya) Mahadasha comes for 6 years in the life of the native.

In Mahadasha of the Sun, there is movement of foreign land, promotion in state work, money gain, increase in income from trade, gain of fame, interest in religion.

If the Sun is low or sinful, debt, pain, separation of loved ones, suffering, fear of the state, discord, disease (brain pain, colic, abdominal pain, eye disease) are inauspicious results.

If the Sun is strong and favorable, it would have been the growth of the soul, the attainment of spirituality, the splendid life, the journey of long distances, the struggle or opposition that produced good dividends, the rise in prestige and position, the profit from the business, the profit from the father, the father would have benefited. is.

If the Sun is weak or afflicted, then the internal deformity, mental and physical skills decline physical distress, prestige, and decline in rank, government’s anger, father’s disease, or father’s death.

If the Sun is strong in the square, with the self-reclining, high, center position, benefic gesture, ninth house, or tenth house, then there is great harmony and respect from the government.
The native gets a son when he is with the lord (Putresh) of the fifth house.
The attainment of wealth on getting power from Dhanesh the second house, get luxurious vehicles, get happiness and joy when gets power from the fourth house.
In the condition of the Sun, the person enjoys all kinds of happiness from the Chief of Army Staff, the King. In this way, in the condition of strong and favorable sun, clothes, property, vehicles, all kinds of agricultural produce, get respect.

If the sun is in the lower zodiac, enemy zodiac, or the place of expenditure, the ill-gotten planet from the illusions or the eyes, the lord of the planet of expenditure, then worries, money loss, punishment from the government, humiliation, suffering from self, inauspicious events at home. , Trouble to father, pain to paternal and maternal uncles, due to unprovoked tension and enmity with others.

If the Sun is auspicious, then in the condition of the Sun, through the cruel deeds to acquire wealth, travel and quarrels, walking on the mountains, maintenance of industries, success in enterprise, hardness in nature and nature (attitude), reality, devotion, happiness Attainment.

If the Sun is inauspicious, then quarrels, sudden anger of the king, disease among relatives, the native wandering in vain, intense pain, danger from hidden wealth, fear of fire, woman, and son suffers.

1.If Sun is in Aries, then eye disease, money loss. Defamation, many kinds of sufferings.

2.If the Sun is in Taurus, then the woman is inferior to the happiness of her son, patient with heart and eye, opposition from friends.

3.If the Sun is in Gemini, then it is full of food and wealth, scripture – pleasure from poetry, luxury.

4.If the Sun is in Cancer, then respect, wealth, separation from parents and exile, airborne diseases.

5.If the Sun Leo is in the zodiac, then it is dignified, high-ranking, happy

6.If the Sun is in Virgo, there is interest in religion, a gain of wealth, a gain of Virgo.

7.If the Sun is in Libra, then the women and sons worry, travel abroad, many episodes of the state.

8.If the Sun is in Scorpio, then the growth in majesty, suffering from poison and fire.

9.If the Sun is in Sagittarius, then you will get prestige and learning from the state.

10.If the Sun is in Capricorn, then worry about women and sons, worry about money, etc., anxious, but love for works.

11.If the Sun is in Aquarius, then it is against pity, heart disease, small money, family.

12.If the Sun is in Pisces, then there are vehicle benefits, increase in prestige, attainment of wealth, odd fever.

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